The 2020 Leadership Award And Building A Better Community Through Service Award Was Presented To Hannah Mason And Lauren Wedekind20201027195706
The 2020 Distinguished Alumni Award Was Bestowed Upon Dr. Danielle Bassett20201019151425
The 2020 Outstanding Recent Graduate Award Was Bestowed Upon Dr. Jakob Seidlitz20201008181020
The 2020 International Biomedical Research Alliance’s Innovation Award Sponsored By BioHealth Innovation Inc. Was Presented To Michael Metrick20200930142016
The 2020 Dr. Richard And Vera Siegel Translational Award Was Presented To Scholar Maggie Westwater20200825175426
The Alliance Awards The 2020 Gregory Paul Lenardo Basic Science Award To Scholar Shannon McKie20200820133558
Defense Against The Dark Arts: What Magic Has Taught One OxCam Student About Science And Patient Care20200804151414
2020 Annual NIH Global Doctoral Partnerships Research Workshop20200728193532
Finding The Needle In The Haystack20200714183414
NIH OxCam Scholar Hannah Mason Named A Winner Of The 2020 Lasker Essay Contest20200710120259