Necessity for Private Sector Support

The NIH Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Program resides within the intramural research program of the National Institutes of Health – the nation’s biomedical research agency within the Department of Health and Human Services. Its visibility and the concentration of a remarkable number of gifted researchers make the NIH a unique institution to house the Scholars Program. The NIH has provided foundational funding for the program. However, there exists a great opportunity for the private sector to build the program in directions that will further promote global health. Recent cuts to the NIH budget have also threatened the ability of NIH labs to support these outstanding students without outside help.

Donors can facilitate the educational excellence of the program by providing stipend support and tuition for exceptional candidates, as well as supporting colloquia, leadership seminars, and other events. A remarkable opportunity also exists to build housing for both scholars and other student researchers doing work in Bethesda in collaboration with NIH associated charities. We also seek to build an endowment to guarantee the continued vitality and growth of this exceptional global training pathway in perpetuity

With the enormous promise of this program and the challenges imposed by budget constraints, the time for raising additional support and an endowment for the program is upon us.